1 Peter 1:13-21


How can we be prepared to live a life of holiness?

  • In many places in Scripture God calls his people to be holy. What does the word ‘holy’ mean to you?
  • In v.15-16 Peter reminds his readers about God’s instruction for his people to “be holy because I am holy.” How do you feel about that instruction from God – does it seem too much to ask?
  • Peter’s first instruction is to “prepare your minds for action” (v.13)? Why does he focus first on the mind, rather than giving a list of right (or wrong) actions? [Compare v.13 with Romans 12:1-2]
  • What do you think Peter means by being ‘sober minded’ [or self-controlled] (v.13)? Think about some of the other passages we’ve looked at such as Philippians 4:8 and Romans 12:1-2 – how do they help us practice ‘sober-mindedness’?
  • Peter describes God’s people as “obedient children” (v.14).
    • Why do you think he includes the word ‘obedient’, why not just say God’s children?
    • Why is obedience important for holiness [compare Ephesians 5:1-7 and Philippians 2:14-16 with this passage in 1 Peter]?
    • Obedience is a choice, are there areas in your life where you need to practice more obedience?
  • What does it mean to live a life of ‘reverent fear’ (v.17)? Look at Deuteronomy 6:13:15, when Moses explains to the people about the ‘fear of the Lord’ – does this help to understand 1 Peter 1:17?
  • In v.17 (and in 1 Peter 2:11) Peter instructs the readers to live their lives as foreigners (or strangers).
    • What does this mean? Should Christians not be involved in world; should Christians only spend time with other Christians?
    • In what ways do you live your life as a stranger in the world? Does it matter if people think you are ‘strange’?
  • Look at v.18:
    • Do you think of yourself as valuable or as having worth?
    • Consider some of the things in life which are ‘perishable’. In what ways do you find your value in these things?
    • How does knowing that you have been redeemed ‘with the precious blood of Christ’ (v.19) help you to value yourself, physically and spiritually, and to value others? Does knowing that you are valuable change the ways you live your life – why/why not?
  • If your ‘faith and hope are in God’ (v.21), why should that encourage you to live a life of holiness (look back at v.16)?

  • In Christ I am Called to be Holy is the theme for this week. How did this passage help you to think about holiness as a mark of your lifestyle? Did you learn something new, or were you challenged by something in particular?