Mandarin Ministry

Fellowship activity Day and time(Physical) Online Zoom time Location Contact
MM main contact       [email protected]
Sunday Service Sunday 2.00–3.30pm 9.30-11.00am Partick Trinity Church [email protected]
Monday Student Bible Study Monday 6.00–8.00pm Monday 6.00–8.00pm Chaplaincy

University of Glasgow

[email protected]
Friday Club Friday evening or Saturday Friday evening or Saturday Church Centre [email protected]
MM Family Fellowship Sunday (monthly) 3.45-5.00pm Sunday (monthly)2.00 – 4.00pm Partick Trinity Church [email protected]
En Xin Fellowship Sunday(fortnightly)




Tuesday 7.30-10pm Main hall

Findlay Church

[email protected]
En Xin Family Fellowship Tuesday (monthly) 12.00–2.30pm Tuesday 7.30-10pm Church Centre [email protected]
En Xin Praying Group Tuesday (monthly) 12:00-2:30 Tuesday 7.30-10pm Church Centre [email protected]

Note: Due to the epidemic, all activities have been temporarily changed to online, and the time of some online activities may be changed, please email us for details.


Mandarin Group Introduction

The Mandarin Group (Congregation) of the Glasgow Chinese Christian Church was established in 2000. It is dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all compatriots who mainly speak Mandarin in Glasgow, Mainland China and all over the World. We gather regularly, worship together, pray, fellowship, and build up each other according to the teachings of the Bible, and apply the God’s Word to build up each other and grow spiritual life.

Currently we have campus bible study cell group in universities, mandarin-speaking family bible study fellowship and EnXin Fellowship is tailor made for those who work in catering services and of course, our monthly student Friday club is also not to be missed.

The Mandarin Church of Glasgow Chinese Church welcomes you to join our gathering.


Monday Student Bible Study

On every Monday evening our Bible study group meets in the Chaplaincy, the main building of the University of Glasgow from 6-8pm (now online via zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Our weekly meeting begins with hymns and is followed by studying the Scripture. We finish with sharing and prayers.

We intend to provide a platform to study Bible with the Mandarin-speaking students and academics

  • To get to know “there is only one God” who is the Lord of all creation.
  • To comprehend the wonderful attributes, righteous commands, faithful promises of God.
  • To cherish the intimate relationship with God.
  • To understand our missions as human kind given by God.

We look forward to welcoming you to discuss Christianity in depth, to experience the change of life together and to encourage one another to walk in God’s way.


Friday Club

The Friday Club will be held on either Friday or Saturday in the Church Centre (address: ) every two weeks. We aim to provide a relaxing and enjoyable leisure time for every Christian, and those interested, who is studying in Glasgow.

The evening will be mainly composed of the following activities: dinner, poetry worship, games, discussion of church history/ social issues/ British traditional festival etc.. Through delicious food, we hope to bringing us closer; during the game time, we relax and take off the tiredness of the week.

Discussion helps us to become more familiar with our faith in different ways and experience the presence of God. At the end of the evening, we will pray for and encourage each other, as we are a family in Glasgow through the love of God.

I hope that every participant can experience the beauty of love in such a warm atmosphere and learn to rest in the Lord.

We love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19).

We look forward to your participation~


Agape Mandarin-speaking Family Bible Study Fellowship

The Glasgow Chinese Christian Church Mandarin-speaking Agape Family Bible Study Fellowship started in 2014.

We are committed to evangelizing families and Mandarin-speaking families in Glasgow and all over the United Kingdom, learning through the Bible to grow spiritually in Jesus, build up each other, support each other, and lead unbelievers’ family and friends to the Lord.

At present, the main members of our Bible study fellowship are mainly believers who have established families. At the same time, we also welcome categorical families and friends to join us in our monthly Bible study meeting.

The schedule of the event is as follows:

  1. Pray as beginning – we pray for the country, family or family member and individual.
  2. Scripture studying – we currently focus on the New Testament books (Four Gospels, Acts, etc).
  3. Sharing and Application – we share, thanksgiving and application after Bible study.
  4. Fellowship gatherings – we frequently organise family dinner parties, spring/autumn outings, etc.

The Agape Mandarin Bible Study Group welcomes you and your family to join our fellowship activities!


Enxin Fellowship

Enxin Fellowship is mainly for families who settle in Glasgow from China and engage in catering services.