About us

The Chinese church began as Glasgow Chinese Christian Fellowship (GCCF) in 1972, which was started by the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM) for overseas students and nurses. During this time, the Church Centre, 2 Melrose Street, was acquired through God’s provision. The fellowship became a church in 1991 with a Cantonese speaking congregation, when it became apparent that many people from Hong Kong were settling in the UK, and there was a need for a family ministry to this group of Chinese. The Mandarin Ministry was started in 2000, reaching out mainly to overseas students from China and now Mandarin-speaking families. The English Ministry started in 2013 as a merger between the British Born Chinese (BBC) youth and the overseas students group, who were mainly from Singapore and Malaysia.

GCCC is an independent, evangelical, congregational and non-denominational Church: our core beliefs are shared by the wider, global body of Christ as summarized by the Nicene Creed.